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MULTILIFT XR30S hooklift model for 4-axle 32-41 t GVW trucks is a member of the XR Power range hooklifts. With its 30-ton capacity it is designed for heavy duty load handling. The XR30S follows the same build principles as the other models in the XR Power range and includes the unique programmable logical control system (PLC). The XR30S model hooklift can be used for normal multitasking applications when heavier loads are involved. It can also be mounted to a dumper type vehicle for off-road applications such as working on a land fill site or installed to a tractor trailer for handling agricultural goods. PLC-operated control system, simple control system structure. Revolutionary options: Automatic sequence control, fast speed and friction relief for frictionless body change. All options can be chosen independently to match your precise requirements. High quality top coat painting at factory as standard.